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beachmommy: Does anyone have experience with the Hello Cheese recipe in the cookbook? I'm wondering if I can freeze it safely or not. Also, has anyone tried it using a homemade baking blend? Which recipe and how'd it go? Oct 19, 2016 13:31:31 GMT -5
peacenjoy: Here's the recipe I use, and it's worked just like the THM baking blend for me: 1 C. oat fiber, 1/2 C. coconut flour, 1/3 C. golden flax meal, 3 Tb. almond flour, 3 Tb. powdered collagen, 1 Tb. Glucomannan powder. Oct 24, 2016 12:45:19 GMT -5
peacenjoy: I found it online... there are several recipes of it's type there. Can't recall whose concoction this was. Oct 24, 2016 12:46:24 GMT -5
reets737: Can dried egg whites be used with success in place of fresh in THM recipes? Nov 4, 2016 10:03:51 GMT -5
stacylynn: reets, are the dried eggs whites simply whites...or do they have added ingredients? Nov 6, 2016 10:17:36 GMT -5
monica7: Has anyone tried substituting xantham gum for gluccie or cream of tartar to keep the egg whites stiff in the oopsie roll recipe?

Nov 7, 2016 11:20:24 GMT -5
msjongg: Just wondering... Are rice noodles on plan? Nov 15, 2016 15:37:21 GMT -5
queen: Probably a good idea to start a topic asking about it. Generally, I think they want you to use the whole grains rather than something made from brown rice flour, but maybe there's more to know about it. Nov 17, 2016 0:11:45 GMT -5
queen: Got a notice that the THM website is having a big cyber-Monday sale and are offering a couple new items. They have also introduced flat rate shipping. Time to stock up on that Gentle Sweet. :) Nov 27, 2016 23:40:42 GMT -5 *
mamaj123: what supplements are recommended on plan? I believe they talk about it in the original book, but I don't have mine right now Dec 5, 2016 16:50:34 GMT -5
queen: Depends on what you are looking to do. Can you start a topic about it? Dec 8, 2016 14:15:13 GMT -5
beachmommy: Thank you peacenjoy! Feb 24, 2017 16:50:25 GMT -5
marmee: Confused about how to ask a question... Mar 27, 2017 15:22:47 GMT -5
queen: Just ask? Apr 2, 2017 22:13:14 GMT -5
marmee: Sorry to be such an... Older woman but I'm not abl to figure out how to use the forum. I have been able to read a few posts. Apr 4, 2017 6:40:01 GMT -5
marmee: One question: if I have early morning coffee with coconut oil ( or if I choose cream) are they considered a snack, should I wait 3 hours before eating? If I eat an S meal soon there after am I ok? Would that be a problem if I eat an E meal soon after? Apr 4, 2017 6:41:55 GMT -5
queen: You can post here if you like. But you can start a post by entering a forum (any of the linked titles above this shouting box). Once you are in the forum, you should see a "Create Thread" link in the title bar. Click that to get a posting screen. Apr 5, 2017 16:30:19 GMT -5
queen: If you eat an S meal within an hour of your oil/cream coffee, it is all considered the same meal. Otherwise, you need to wait the 3 hours. Apr 5, 2017 16:31:29 GMT -5
cat31: Is this an active forum? All the posts I see are old. Apr 25, 2017 9:51:16 GMT -5
queen: There are a few people who check in here and there. Apr 27, 2017 16:49:41 GMT -5