Chocolate Avacodo Pudding?


steffanie3: meemee you could us the grilled chicken breast in an E, but you would want an E fuel with it for an E. We don't have CFA, but I think I have seen mentioned they have a fruit cup or some kind of fruit option (maybe a salad with fruit) so you could do that May 30, 2015 1:23:56 GMT -5
steffanie3: for your E fuel alone the breast would be FP :) May 30, 2015 1:24:25 GMT -5
steffanie3: lindah60 Welcome :D I think you will find THM very compatable with your diabetes, one thing you might find is you need to do more of a "pulled back E", basically lighter on the E fuel (on plan carbs) to help your blood sugars stay stable. You might also May 30, 2015 1:26:17 GMT -5
steffanie3: have a little bit of a journey to find out what time of day works best for your E meals, my friend likes them earlier in the day since she can do a bit of excersize since that helps her levels stay in a good range (she is type 2) though. May 30, 2015 1:27:19 GMT -5
steffanie3: A walk after an E lunch or breakfast seems to work just great for her :) May 30, 2015 1:27:45 GMT -5
Bec720: Hello, Why am I nervous?! I have tried so many diets in my life. You name it and I have tried it and all of them have worked....for awhile. I can't seem to keep with any program and of course the weight comes back on. Jun 22, 2015 15:24:47 GMT -5
Bec720: when I turned 43 my thyroid tanked, my hormones have not ever been balanced properly. (PCOS at 21yrs) and I have now gained 40+ pounds. I am scared to try and fail again.I am exhausted all day and by 2pm I need a nap or will fall asleep standing- for real Jun 22, 2015 15:31:58 GMT -5
steffanie3: Welcome Bec720 :D Many mamas with PCOS do well on THM, looking forward to your journey. Jun 24, 2015 12:49:35 GMT -5
orygungurl: I had a nice surprise when I went to the doctor a week ago. I learned that, after being on THM, off and on for a couple of years, I had actually lost 17 lbs! :D Jun 27, 2015 19:27:45 GMT -5 *
steffanie3: :D Jun 30, 2015 7:55:39 GMT -5
lauriebovi: Just starting on this plan. Well I've been starting for a while now. Anyone have a really hard time staying on? I have no issue with what I'm eating. I feel like I'm just lazy and fall into old habits. any advice or personal experience? Jul 16, 2015 16:45:08 GMT -5
steffanie3: lauriebovi, a menu plan really helps me even if it is just a daily plan so I kind of know what I will be eating through the day with snacks and meals. Also for me prepping ahead is a super helpful, having a large batch of something to grab when needed :) Jul 20, 2015 10:09:50 GMT -5
alane: I've been on THM for 14 months and there is still a detail or two I am not sure about. The book lists 3/4 c quinoa as a serving limit, yet some of the breakfast recipes have 1 c listed. Can you clarify this for me? Thanks! Aug 1, 2015 18:24:37 GMT -5
lynnluce: I have been doing the THM lifestyle for 8 months now with great success, for the first 6 months I have had the weight just slid off, lots of energy, and much happier. Now I am tired all of the time, cranky, and can't get rid of my lower belly. Help Aug 3, 2015 11:11:41 GMT -5
steffanie3: alane, you can do 3/4 of a cup if alongside some other foods (including a bit more E fuel) and a full cup if it is the center of the meal like porridge :) It is a little confusing. Aug 12, 2015 16:23:04 GMT -5
steffanie3: lynnluce, were you maybe losing too quickly? Maybe your body needs some time to heal? Aug 12, 2015 16:23:27 GMT -5
fran: ok I have missed vibes for whey powder? Which ones NOW or Swansons, or Robs? Aug 25, 2015 7:56:53 GMT -5
gaelle: Just noticed the Lifeway Plain nonfat kefir I bought contains 12 sugars!!! :-( Also made the THM pancakes but added an egg beaters thinking it was egg whites. Need to be better at reading labels! Aug 26, 2015 12:26:28 GMT -5
steffanie3: THM, Jay Robb are both on plan. Preferred is a cross-microfiltered whey isolate :) Sept 22, 2015 17:12:21 GMT -5
steffanie3: The Lifeway Plain is fine :) Enjoy it in an E setting. Egg Beaters are ok because they are also non-fat, but they are flavored where plain egg whites will be better :) You will get there. Sept 22, 2015 17:13:22 GMT -5